A Dream Becomes Reality

When you live in a small, rural town like Glendive, Montana, coming home to boxes on your front porch is nothing new. The remote setting makes you a very effective and efficient online shopper.

They’re here!

The boxes I pulled off my front porch today, however, didn’t come emblazoned with the logos on online retailers, but that of Arcadia Publishing and The History Press. My books had arrived!

I was a child when I decided I’d like to write a book someday. In high school, a friend drew pictures of what each of us would accomplish one day; I was pictured at a book signing (I’ll cherish that drawing forever, Mon).

Writing a book was something I always wanted to do, but it was never something I thought I could do. It was one of those pipe dreams that I think all of us have – the thing we see ourselves doing; the thing that we answer with when someone asks what one of our life goals are. But it just never happened.

Because I was afraid. I was afraid of how my thoughts would be accepted and afraid that if I failed, that dream would be gone forever. I couldn’t say anymore, “I’ll do that someday.”

But I did it. I found the story that wouldn’t let go of me until I told it. Learning more and telling the story was, my family and friends would agree, an obsession.

“I’ll do that someday” has become “I did that one day.”

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